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Elevate your celebrations with our balloon decorations

For a birthday, a communion or any other event,
we offer our Sweet Table fully customizable with your child's name and age.

Apt for young children, teenagers, adults, bride and groom,...

To consume or to offer! Different themes and products available

From 3€ per product

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The biodegradable latex balloons present

an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic balloons.

Made from natural latex, these balloons decompose quickly and naturally once disposed of,

thereby reducing their environmental impact.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, they are suitable for all festive occasions

while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Opting for these biodegradable balloons is a responsible choice by JOYA Events,

contributing to preserving our planet for future generations.


Make your gender reveal even more magical

Discover our original creations

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